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Smart devices with automatic access control

The LIGA production team has developed a unique access control and control system for businesses, offices, business centers and other premises with their own security system.

Initially, the PACS was aimed at controlling and automating the checkpoint: unlocking blocking devices, maintaining an electronic log of arrival/exit. The main task is to eliminate the influence of the human factor (for example, in closed enterprises - a security post). Due to the pandemic and new demands for supervision, all public enterprises/congregations must be equipped with disinfection facilities and employees with high temperatures are not allowed to work.

LIGA monitors market demand and is responsive to market demand. So we developed a SMART range of equipment: contactless disinfectants, body temperature measuring devices, recyclers. The devices help to automatically control the access of employees in the enterprise, integrating into the access control system.

Interaction with PACS Server
Mobile/Web Application Management
  • Sanitizer

    • Antiseptic control
    • Incl/off on timer
    • Spray statistics
    • Content management
    • PACS
    • Web-camera
    Interaction with PACS Server
    Mobile/Web Application Management
  • Dispensing machine

    • Masks
    • Gloves
    • Shoe covers
    Mobile/Web Application Management
    PACS. Dispenser
  • Rebreather

    • On/off
    • Mode
    • Lamp treatment
    • Incl/off on timer
    Mobile/Web Application Management