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production team

It is specialized in the development and manufacture of epidemic-prevention equipment used in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, which corresponds to the recommendations of the Rospotrebnadzor (Federal Service for Supervision of Consumers Protection) and the requirements of the Eurasian Union.

Company info


    Company direction

    • Customer service department

      Development department

      Create a product line based on market requirements.
    • IT department

      IT department

      Development and maintenance of own software and SMART solutions
    • IT department

      IT department

      Design of new equipment: design of drawings of devices, carry out research, create models.
    • Sales department

      Sales departmen

      Active sales, work with incoming orders and potential customers. Production and administrative center in Yekaterinburg, branches in major cities of Russia and CIS.
    • Marketing department

      Marketing department

      Market analysis and output of new products. Development of advertising campaign. Support and advice of partners.
    • Customer care department

      Customer care department

      Quality and timing control at each stage of LIGA production.
    • Tender department

      Tender department

      It also has long-term cooperation with the budget, business and organizations that make centralized purchases.
    • Customer service department

      Customer service department

      Processing of request, preparation of commercial proposal, conclusion of contracts, maintenance of documents circulation.
    • Service center

      Service cente

      Qualified personnel will ensure the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.
    • Supply department

      Supply department

      Procurement of materials, components and tools for production processes.
    • production halls

      Production halls

      In the workshops processes of welding, assembly, painting and branding, and testing of equipment take place.
    • Packing and delivery

      Packing and delivery

      Each item of equipment is in the pre-shipment stage. Anti-vandal packaging, protective film, cargo pruning.


    • Reliable delivery worldwide
      Reliable delivery worldwide
    • Individual prices for partners
      Individual prices for partners
    • Quality assurance
      Quality assurance
    • Technical support 24/7
      Technical support 24/7
    • Own production
      Own production
    • Individual manager
      Individual manager